Much more than simple sheds

Discover our high-end collection of wood composite sheds, an elegant and durable solution for all your outdoor storage needs. Thanks to our advanced wood composite manufacturing technology, these sheds offer remarkable lifespan longevity of ten (10) years, allowing them to preserve their radiant beauty over time.


Modernism and Robustness


The MIRAGE combines modern aesthetics with a robust design of contemporary and sleek elegance. Its sturdy construction is capable of supporting up to 20lb/ft² on its roof. Admire its beauty and enjoy its exceptional durability.


Contemporary Flat Roof Shed


The MISTRAL embodies contemporary refinement with its lean-to roof. Its large double glazed smoked thermal doors flood the interior with natural light, adding a touch of sophistication to your storage space. Integrated gutters ensure efficient rainwater management, protecting your shed from the detrimental effects of moisture.


A Shed with a two 2-Sided Roof


The SCANDINAVE elegantly revisits the classic style with its gable roof. Offering spacious storage space, it will meet all your storage needs. The tinted thermal glass windows add a subtle touch of elegance, while the latches on each window provide additional security for your precious belongings.


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Our commitment to our clients and the environment

Eco-friendly solution made from 90% recycled materials.


100% recyclable, contributing to a closed-loop system.


VOC-free for optimal indoor air quality and safety.


Join the global movement towards sustainability.

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