Our Mission

Allowing you to create exceptional outdoor spaces with our sheds that will withstand the weather for the very long term with very little maintenance.

About Us

We are a Canadian company committed to offer you the best wood composite sheds in the industry, all accompanied by an excellent satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.


With over Ten (10) years of expertise at your service, our team will be able to guide and advise you in all your projects.

Our wood Composite Shed Collection
Our wood composite garden sheds: much more than simple sheds!

Le Cabanon offers a complete line of high-end wood composite sheds. This very strong and durable wood composite is paired with our Proshield premium® protective coating which offers unprecedented protection and longevity to all our sheds. This protection covers all sides of the shed boards allowing ultimate protection against wear, stains, bumps, insects and scratches.

Therefore, our sheds are built with high quality materials that stand the test of time, which allows us to offer you a Ten 10-year warranty on all of them.

Our commitment to our clients and the planet

Our wood composite is a very high quality product, made with over 90% recyclable material, comprising 60% eucalyptus wood powder, 30% recycled plastic, and 10% non-toxic, eco-friendly additives. The manufacture of these boards combines the quality of wood with the durable resistance of plastic and gives rise to a recycled product of very high quality in harmony with our planet. This type of device is therefore part of an ecological and environmentally friendly approach, and makes it possible to manufacture new materials from substances formerly intended for disposal. Durable, these boards have an extremely long lifespan (and are also guaranteed for Ten (10) years and can themselves be recycled indefinitely.

Embellish your green spaces while protecting them.