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Mistral Shed


Contemporary Skillion Roof Shed

Modern and contemporary, this skillion roof shed will fit perfectly into your outdoor layout. With its composite co-extrusion and high quality aluminum, large double thermos smoked glass doors, integrated gutters and impeccable finish, this shed will stand out in your yard.
In addition to its impeccable aesthetics, this shed boasts remarkable durability through its design and the use of high-quality materials.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Our FIBERWOOD composite sheds are all designed in a modular way, so no adjustment or cutting will be required. With only simple tools, 2 workers can complete the assembly in half a day. The installation of the shed must be done on a solid leveled base. Concrete slab, asphalt driveway, paving stone or slabs, wood or composite terrace, several options are available to you. Our sheds are all delivered on pallets. Bilingual assembly instructions are simple and clear. Very easy to maintain: no oil, paint or stain is required over time. 10-year warranty on the composite boards, aluminum, hardware, and accessories.

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Available Dimensions
Item# : MIST1010


Item# : MIST1210


Item# : MIST1212


Item# : MIST2010


Optimal Protection with ProShield Premium®

Weathered Color

The FIBERWOOD composite boards from FIBERWOOD feature excellent PROSHIELD PREMIUM® protection. This protective layer covers all four sides of the boards, providing ultimate protection against stains, impacts, insects, scratches, and UV rays that cause discoloration.
Crafting Sheds with Precision

Aluminum Haven

Our sheds boast an array of meticulously crafted components, each bearing the hallmark of high-quality aluminum construction. From the sleek windows that flood your space with natural light to the sturdy double doors and panels that ensure security, every aspect is tailored for excellence.

Trending Colors
Nordic Grey
Grey Rock
Brown Cedar
  • Roof: PVC
  • Beam: Aluminum
  • Wall: Co-extrusion Composite Panel
  • Door: Aluminum frame and panel
  • Window: Thermos tempered glass
Solid Structure and Materials that Stand the Test of Time

Built to last over time just like your home, our engineers have designed the Mistral to withstand our harsh North American climatic conditions.

Composite boards with PROSHIELD PREMIUM protection:

High quality aluminum procuring a solid metal that does not rust over time. Its sturdy construction is capable of supporting up to 25lb/ft² on its roof. Premium modular design.


As for the security component, we have equipped the MISTRAL with self-closing door hinges and door locks with key. Models with windows also have latches on each of them. The Mistral’s thermos windows and doors are also made of tempered glass to avoid any possible injury if broken.

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