Sheds 11 x 7 feet

Composite sheds measuring 11×7 feet offer a compact yet versatile solution for outdoor storage needs. These sheds provide a contemporary and durable alternative to traditional wooden structures, merging the timeless charm of wood with the longevity of composite materials.

With their modest dimensions, 11×7 composite sheds are suitable for homeowners with limited outdoor space. They can comfortably store gardening tools, lawn equipment, bicycles, and more while maintaining a tidy appearance in your yard.

One significant advantage of these sheds is their resilience in various weather conditions. Unlike wooden sheds prone to rot and warping, composite sheds withstand rain, snow, and intense sunlight, preserving their structural integrity and appearance for years with minimal maintenance.

For those seeking efficient and enduring outdoor storage space, 11×7 composite sheds offer a reliable and space-saving solution while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your outdoor area.


When Modernism and Robustness Meet


Built to last, the Mirage has been designed very robustly. This shed features high quality FIBERWOOD and aluminum coextrusion composite, large double doors and abundant windows on 3 sides at the top of the shed.

Contemporary Skillion Roof Shed - A Must


Modern and contemporary, this skillion roof shed will fit perfectly into your outdoor layout. With its composite co-extrusion and high quality aluminum, large double thermos smoked glass doors, integrated gutters and impeccable finish, this shed will stand out in your yard.

A Shed with a Gable Roof - A Classic


A redesigned classic, this 2-sided roof shed will bring beauty to any backyard while offering the most spacious and optimal storage space. Like all our sheds, the SCANDINAVE is made of high quality FIBERWOOD coextrusion and aluminum composite. 


Galvanized steel with powder coating or PVC




Co-extrusion composite panel


Aluminum Frame & Panel


Tinted Acrylic Glass / Thermos Tempered Glass

Sheds Components

One of the main advantages of FIBERWOOD composite sheds is their structure and solidity once they are assembled. Designed to cope with our North American climatic conditions, our sheds will offer you peace of mind by their conception as well as the little maintenance they will require over time.

  • Roof: Galvanized steel with powder coating or PVC
  • Beam: Aluminum
  • Wall: Co-extrusion composite panel
  • Door: Aluminum frame and panel
  • Windows: Tinted Acrylic Glass / Thermos Tempered Glass
Our commitment to our clients and the environment

Eco-friendly solution made from 90% recycled materials.


100% recyclable, contributing to a closed-loop system.


VOC-free for optimal indoor air quality and safety.


Join the global movement towards sustainability.

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